One of the best articles on JS frontend tech I have ever read — witty, to the point, truthful and with some awesome pics to boot!

I say ‘frontend tech’ because React is not a bloody framework!

I am constantly tempted to try React but I just can’t get past my initial reaction to it, which is one of loathing, and for all the reasons you have stated so eloquently. Thanks for reinforcing my suspicions! :)

I read all the comments (poor me) and I think you are right — not scalable without Redux, Facebook engineers failed to do what Vue and Angular have succeeded at doing and at the end of the day it’s maybe a personality thing!

In my not-so-illustrious 38 years of full-stack coding I am now on my 20th language/framework (Angular 6) and I think learning React might just kill me off. I will NOT join the Dark Side!

Since I am finally my own CTO, I get to choose the tech! Lucky me :)


Other people shoot for the moon. Me? I like to piss on the sun.